How to Get Away With Being An Anime Character for Cartoon Day

Dearborn Plys, Editor

Welcome back Dolphins!

As always, Spirit Week has fan favorite themes like “Pajama Day” and “Class Color Day,”, but one new addition for this year is “Cartoon Day.” Cartoons are a broad topic, and it’s inevitable that for some students, thinking of what cartoon character to dress up as will ultimately lead to anime.

It’s 2018, and we all know that anime is in, big time. Unfortunately, the world isn’t always ready for it. Here’s how to get away with dressing up as 5 popular anime characters.



So, you’ve decided to cosplay as One Punch Man! Have no fear, you can easily play this off as any number of obscure or popular superheroes gone wrong. For instance, maybe you were trying to dress up as Deadpool but you just messed up the color scheme.




So you’re dressing up as Ash Ketchum. You actually shouldn’t worry about this one, Pokemon has been mainstream for 20 years and there’s no need to try to just confuse people. If they sell the costume at Party City, your Ash Ketchum cosplay totally socially acceptable!



So you’ve chosen to be any Studio Ghibli character. Good news, this is fine too! You don’t need to play this off as anything else! Totoro and Spirited Away are everywhere now, and most people don’t actually count Studio Ghibli as anime. Even Whitney Youngs own film instructor Florian agrees, “Studio Ghibli creates cinematically beautiful films that achieve unique perspective through animation.”



Steven Universe isn’t even an anime, it’s American cartoon on Cartoon Network. This should actually score you bonus points on Character Day for choosing such a wholesome show.



You’re dressing up as Naruto. There’s nothing I can do to help you at this point because you’re dressing up as Naruto. I’m sorry. Meg Bradshaw ‘19 says, “Just pretend you’re dressing up as an ackie, an ackie with a dumb headband.”


Spirit week can be intimidating, but remember that in 1-3 years, you’ll be a senior and thus completely above judgement. And when in doubt remember that most people don’t actually care if you dress up as an anime character, take student Caitlin Smith ‘19, “Anime is still cartoons, so it doesn’t make a difference.”