Student’s Anonymous Suicide Threat

Ana Gore

February 26, 2020

During fifth period on Friday, February 21, Dr. Kenner made an announcement over the intercom that a student had made an anonymous note, threatening to “call it quits.” She asked that the student would come to the main office...

Life’s A Drag

Gabriel Levi

February 20, 2020

    Television has become a staple in American homes. From Daytime Soap operas to promiscuous teen dramas, TV offers an escape that books simply cannot compare to. Mae Jiang, 21’, says, “Sometimes, I watch TV too much, and my mom...

Texas Women Deals With Daycare Worker

Kayla Greeb

January 31, 2020

A Texas mom is disgusted because a daycare employee wrote that her five year old son needed to be put on a diet. The mom sent her five year old son to daycare with a note inside his lunchbox saying “Please tell my son that his ...

Do you really care?

Gabriel Levi

January 17, 2020

“On New Years Eve, my family and I went out to dinner and talked about our top 10 moments from 2019,” noted Katie Monyihan, 19’. As the entire world rings in The New Year with laughter and love in their hearts, some royal tea is brewing up across the ocean. In the UK, on the 10t...

Eddie Johnson Fired

December 18, 2019

Nico DeGrazia Rehak Period 1 12-18-19 Eddie Johnson Fired Nearly a month after Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced his plans to retire, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced his firing. Evie Calderon ...

Brandy Melville in Chicago

December 12, 2019

Brandy Melville is an Italian clothing brand that markets their products to teenage girls and young women. It was established in Italy in 1970. Brandy Melville has locations all over the world including Italy, the UK, Ireland, Germany...


Damani Hood, Editor

December 10, 2019

Whatcha listening to?  Well, STOP IT! I'm serious.  I'm actually trying to heal your ears from all of the GARBAGE that spews from your headphones.  No offense. But you would never forgive me if I hadn't told you about Lil ...

No School November

Madeleine Byun

November 18, 2019

Chicago Public Schools have a total of seven days out of school this month. Students returning from the teachers strike on November 1st marked the beginning of “No School” November. The second week of November included the e...

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