Interested in Art School? Portfolio Reviews are Underway at WY!

The above view of a portfolio review with a student and an admissions director.

The above view of a portfolio review with a student and an admissions director.

Naiya Wax-Groot

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Do you enjoy visual arts, theatre, or dancing? Are you planning on going to an art school? Whether you are a senior, junior, or even underclassmen, college portfolio reviews can prove to be extremely beneficial. As of October, admissions directors from some of the country’s best art schools are coming to Whitney Young. Not only are they available certain periods for portfolio reviews, but they are also doing presentations in the art rooms about what the college has to offer to young emerging artists. Otis School of Art and Design in Los Angeles will be coming on October 19, and School of the Art Institute of Chicago will be here November 8. A portfolio review constitutes showing the admissions director a selection of around 20 of one’s best art pieces. Feedback is based on what pieces one should remove from their portfolio, which kinds of mediums one should include, and what types of work the school is interested in seeing. Aside from constructive criticisms, they also acknowledge the artist’s strengths. Jonathan Swain ’19 reflects on the reviews, “they told me to take my work into more of a high fashion direction, they had a lot of helpful things to say.” It can really help artists fine tune which pieces to submit to the college. Right before RISD gave their presentation earlier this week, even art teacher Mr. Gorisch showed his enthusiasm “I’m going to come and listen to it too, I’m excited to get some more info about what the school is doing these days.” On Tuesday this week, CalArts admissions director Miranda Hoffs said that “Our school gets a lot of incoming students from big cities like Chicago so students who are interested should start getting applications in.” Don’t miss it! Get inspiring information about some of the country’s leading art schools, and significant feedback about your portfolio. 

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