3 Things You Can Do To Keep Up With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Kellianne Bazzell

1: Write It Down

When you write something down, it helps you remember it a lot better and creates a more formal and official feeling. Taking the time and energy to write down your goal is going to help you take the time and energy to actually do your resolution.

2: Tell Your Friends, Family, Acquaintances

I know telling people about your future goals can sound kind of awkward, uncomfortable, and maybe even scary. Telling people about your resolution will create more sources that can remind you to keep up with your goals and maybe even prevent you from failing. This also may not sound fun or ideal to some of you. However, it’s important to ask yourself what’s more important? How comfortable you are? Or you actually achieving your goal?

3: Set Goals For Throughout the Year

Some resolutions can be really difficult to start up right away. A good way to get around this is to set smaller monthly goals. By working your way up to your resolution it’ll be easier to get in the habit of it and complete it successfully.


Some Reviews of the Tips:

Dana L. ‘18  “This article had a very good tone. I found it helpful in terms of getting me to stick to my resolutions.”

Tiffany M. ‘19  “These are all things we know to do but we don’t. It’s helpful to see it and be reminded!”