College decisions are coming out!!!!!!!!!!

College decisions are coming out!!!!!!!!!!

Scott Ai

Seniors, it’s college decision season. It’s a stressful time, as we and those around us are being accepted, waitlisted, and rejected from our safeties, our matches, and our reaches. Washington University in St. Louis and Williams College regular decision decisions came out yesterday. Many of my friends and myself included were let down, but for those of you who got in, congratulations! Additionally, MIT and Northeastern decisions came out two days ago on Wednesday, March 14th.


However, it’s important to stay optimistic. Most colleges still haven’t come out with their final decisions. If you got waitlisted, that doesn’t mean you have no chance of getting in. It’s all about second semester grades and additional letters (and letters of recommendations) now.


Dolphin Reina Liang ‘18 said “do your research and find out the difference between each college’s previous history of acceptance rates of waitlisted students to figure out your likelihood of still getting in.”


Colleges that are coming out with their decisions today include Colby, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Swarthmore, Bowdoin, Pomona, UChicago, and possible Northwestern. So that’s exciting!!


Dolphin Haley Wellman ‘18 said “UChicago is coming out today!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!”


Most colleges should be releasing their decisions by the end of the month, with some colleges releasing on April 1st, according to IvyWise. “As we draw closer to spring, colleges and universities across the country are working hard to get through hundreds of thousands of college applications to the class of 2022 in order to deliver regular decisions by the end of March.”


Dolphin Kacper Sobotka ‘18 said “Hope for the best, but expect the worst!”


For the full list of college decision dates, check out this IvyWise blog post. It’s incredibly helpful.