Dog Days Are Over Before They Could Start

February 28, 2020

Months after the CTU strike, in which CPS was out for many days, we are still making up for the time that we missed. Already we have made up days, taking away from Thanksgiving and winter break, and are expected to also make up...

With More Cameras Comes…

Michaela Zollicoffer

October 7, 2019

What has three eyes, looks like the itsy-bitsy spider, and just might give people trypophobia (a fear of holes)? If you guessed the newest iPhone, then you got it! As it makes its debut into the world, Apple’s newest iPhone 11...

New Shows Coming to DubTV Season 7

Blake Carnes

September 24, 2019

DubTV’s first episode is coming on Wednesday the 25th, and with it comes promises of parody, chaos, and noses. The skit-based Whitney Young television show is getting its seventh season since its 2013 debut. Included in the...

Third Period Show Review

June 7, 2018

First off, a twenty minute episode? Is this for real? DubTV is supposed to be short and sweet, not a feature length film. RIP all the people that were trying to do their homework during division. Putting 3rd vs 4th nonsense as...

GiHo Show Valentine’s Day

June 7, 2018

One segment in the February 14th episode of DubTV was the GiHo Show Valentine’s Day edition. This is the third time the GiHo show has appeared and hopefully the last. I’m not even sure what to consider it at this point. ...

Power of team work

Marco Garcia

June 4, 2018

The Power of Teamwork in a Music Video   Making a music video with a group of seniors can be very easy or difficult it depends on who you are working with to make such a video. In my case, I am working with 6 people incl...


Marco Garcia

June 4, 2018

                                                          Mr. Bot: Hot or Not?   DubTV has a new show entitled, “Mister Bot” the question is this: is it hot or not? According to the...

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