Why HOOLS is the Best DubTV Segment


Seven Clark

I know that I often didn’t get to watch DubTV in my past years at Whitney Young, mostly because my advisory teacher was a gym teacher, so we didn’t have access to a screen to watch DubTV on. I do remember some greats, but I think the best segment on DubTV has to be HOOLS, starring Andres as the host. 

HOOLS is a segment following Andres around the streets of Chicago, finding murals and other art around the city, and showcasing them. With lots of art in this vibrant city, there was plenty of content to keep up with. Not to mention, the song selection was great and really fit the vibe of wandering the city streets, hunting for good art. There were many pieces of art I was familiar with, and many more that I didn’t know about. It really made me want to go out and visit them.

Others agree. Sam Nobile ’21 says, “I love seeing all the art that the city has to offer, and I like how Andres segues between the murals.” Oftentimes, the pieces were introduced or transitioned into by a joke, or a referenced meme. I thought these were very funny, and a good way to break up the constant stream of art so that the audience can pay more attention to more interesting pieces.

Some disagree. Weston Kern ’22 believes, “The best DubTV show was Tasty Terik.” Tasty Terik was a comedy show from season five of DubTV, where the host, Chef Terik, made meals using the food served for school lunch. Weston liked the show “because of all of the memorable moments and all the weird food.”

When asked what his favorite DubTV show was, Declan Hickey ’21 answered, “Enrique in the Halls, that was my favorite show.” Enrique in the Halls was another segment from season five, a street-interview show around the halls of Whitney Young with Enrique as the host. Students in Red, Blue, Green and Gold House were interviewed a different question for every episode, and Enrique would riff off of their answers and joke with the interviewees.

While these segments were legendary in their own way, I feel that HOOLS just has a different impact than these shows. It blended art with comedy and music, and opened our eyes to the world around us during a time when we were all stuck inside. I also feel like HOOLS has the potential to carry on outside of the context of DubTV, since there’s so much art in the world to share. Without a doubt, HOOLS was the best segment on DubTV.