Chicago’s Fall Season

Samir Benaissa

Nothing says fall to me more than a nice hot cup of pumpkin tea after a long, snowy day of cold noses and sweaty smartwool socks. I wondered how my peer’s associations had in common so I asked them, “What comes to mind when you think fall in the Windy City?” Here’s what I gathered.


Senior Joseph Cumpian of Whitney M Young says, “Pumpkin patches, haunted houses, cornucopia… Fall is going out with friends and jumping in leaf piles, ordering over priced hot cocoa from a street vendor and burning your tongue, shivering in the town square.” I agree Joe, I think you’ve really captured the bittersweet contrast of grey skies yet bright-minded people that we see in our beloved city during this season.


Taking a different approach, Freshman Paul Li of Jones says, “I mean, make up your mind Chicago. Is it the middle of the summer or the middle of Winter. It was 75 degrees [F] yesterday and now I’m waking up to snow on my porch? What’s next, another Polar Vortex? I’m not having it.”


While many of us don’t ask questions about the weather and just push through, that’s a pretty polarized view. When asked later if he thinks Chicago weather is somehow acting with purpose, Paul refused to comment. Pretty suspicious if you ask me, I think he knows something we don’t.


My most optimistic interviewee, Rina Jacobs, a sophomore at DePaul CP had a very wholesome opinion to share on the subject, “I have no excuse to go outside. I’m glad I have some extra indoor time to sharpen my skills as Steve in Smash Ultimate.” Great to see you’re keeping your head up, Rina. 1v1 me, I’m a Luigi main. I’ll give you a reason to stay inside.

Anyways, I hope everyone reading this can stay warm and cozy this fall. Don’t forget that COVID cases are rising again, so maybe take Rina’s advice and stay inside as much as possible. Thanks for reading, this has been Samir Benaissa reporting for Whitney M Young’s Beacon.