2020 Presidential Election

Samir Benaissa

With the presidential election coming up soon, many of us are fearful of who will hold the responsibility of leading the next generation of America. Personally, I don’t care. When a candidate goes up on stage and starts talking about college apps and future planning maybe I’ll start listening, but for now, I’m not paying taxes. I’m not receiving healthcare bills or welfare checks. I asked 3 CPS students what they think; here’s what they had to offer. 

Charles Craig (F) from Latin says, “My first year voting and [you all] got me choosing between two pedophiles and Kanye West [laughing crying emoji]”. 


Another Latin student, Fontane Stan (J), tweeted the picture to the right with the caption, “Pretty much sums up tonight’s #PresidentialDebate #Debate2020” (Sep 30, 2020). 


Within these hard times, comedy is always a great way to stop worrying about the huge responsibilities we have as individuals. I think taking these serious matters and condensing them into short, attention-craving jokes is the only way we can stay sane in 2020. 


Senior Lewis Baer of our own Whitney Young disagrees, however, stating, “[The election] is a big thing and we can’t take it lightly. Who knows how much power the POTUS really has in office but the big corporations funding their campaigns. Can we really trust these money-mongers with our independence and basic human rights? I say we start a school funded campaign to promote a late term write-in candidate, Dr. Kenner.” Good luck with that Lew, we’re all rooting for you. 


I think staying happy and healthy is most important for us to feel good about our lives, so maybe make that call to your Grandma and tell her how much you love and miss her before you rant about her alt-right political views on your instagram story. At least you take one step in the right direction. Thanks for reading, this has been Samir Benaissa reporting for Whitney M Young’s Beacon News. Stay tuned for more.