Best of DubTV

Sam Andrews

As someone who has been watching DubTV for six years, and now helps create it, I have seen a lot of different shows that I have had a lot of different opinions on. One piece that has always stuck with me was Tasty Terik, a comedic cooking show hosted by Terik Priest. It aired during my freshman year at Whitney Young, or the fifth season of DubTV, and I always found it to be particularly humorous. I had never really paid too much attention to DubTV in my prior two years at Whitney Young, but Tasty Terik caught my attention, and has never left my memory. Its humorous style of cooking was even an inspiration for my own show, Chef Sam.

As it turns out, this show is a favorite of some other people. When asked about his favorite show, Ivor Huggett ‘21 eloquently says “I think it was probably Sef Cham… Sef Cham… f***… Chef Sam. I appreciate the level of care he takes to sanitize his cooking products.” I have to agree with him there. It is always important to give the pot a good scrub before (or while) you cook. Mark Mulcrone ‘21 also had a food related favorite show. “The best one was actually Pie Time,” he stated in a mischievous tone. “It was a short segment that only happened once.” Based on his tone of voice and general personality I thought he was making this up, but upon further research I realized that it was not only real, but involved my eighth grade self getting pied in the face while wearing a pink inflatable crown that I had brought to school for my first ever Young Company audition, The Terrible Tragedy of Peter Pan. This was probably my first ever appearance on DubTV and really set the trend of me doing stupid stuff on camera for views. Watching this segment brought back a lot of memories for me, and is definitely one of my favorites.

Finally, David Furst ‘21 has the only favorite show featured in this article that is not related to food somehow. “Enrique in the Halls,” he said without further elaboration. I remember this show existing, but could not tell you anything about it other than that there was a guy named Enrique who was in the halls, which you could most likely gather from the title. Anyways, DubTV has been a quite memorable experience for me over all these years, and it is something I will certainly miss after graduation.