Dog Days Are Over Before They Could Start

Months after the CTU strike, in which CPS was out for many days, we are still making up for the time that we missed. Already we have made up days, taking away from Thanksgiving and winter break, and are expected to also make up more days later in the school year. When asked how he feels about coming to school during his Thanksgiving, winter, and summer break, Carter B, ‘22, exclaimed, “I’m infuriated– I could punch a desk!” In regards to the upcoming make-ups, Hyacinth W, ‘20, stated, “I’m not coming anyway.” With attendance as a problem for many students and peoples’ individual vacation plans, the make-ups may have an effect on our overall attendance record.

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Although students are infuriated, teachers need these days to receive payment for the days missed over the strike. Part of the agreement to end the strike was to have these days. Susan G, ‘23, “I think it’s good that the teachers can make up for the days they missed.” Regardless if students come (which I encourage everyone to do), the make-up days are essential to CPS and our beloved staff and faculty.