The Best DubTV Segment Ever?

David Furst, Writer

Hello! And welcome to this article on the Beacon. If you’re reading this, chances are you know that the students who write for the Beacon also make a televised show every week for their school community known as DubTV. (If you didn’t know that, check it out!) While I do enjoy the written word as a medium for communication and entertainment, there’s something that can’t be beat about the video format. The best segments on DubTV make this abundantly and skillfully clear.


When I considered for myself what the best DubTV segment is, I initially went towards comedy segments as that is usually the majority of what is on the show. However, I think some attention should be given towards the serious segments, such as the news and updates segments of the last year alone. One of my favorites of this genre is Tech Wave. The show covers recent products in tech, such as the new models of the iPhone. The host Andrew Elysee is knowledgeable and usually goes into some depth while making sure everything is understandable. The show is well edited with a relevant and engaging set (in front of an impressive computer setup). All in all, it’s probably one of my favorite pure serious segments on the show.


However, this discussion wouldn’t be complete without talking about comedy segments. There have been great ones in the past, but I have to give the trophy to HOOLS, which is a show from this year. In it, the host Andres Rios walks the viewer through downtown Chicago and presents and admires the street art around the city. The host’s efforts make the show humorous, and the art adds a layer of beauty to the segment. It’s probably my favorite segment of all time, and it ended with an especially powerful episode.


I asked other students what their favorite segment was. I suggested they choose one from this past year, but if they had a favorite from years past I allowed that. Elias Furst ’21 brought me back with “The best DubTV segment of all time is Who Knows Whose Nose, and that is 50% for the name, 50% for the great theme song, and 50% because it was a fun segment.” This did actually remind me of that segment which I also found to be very funny. For segments from this year, Liam Johnson ’21 says that “I really liked Sam Tries, it was a good break from the normal DubTV energy.” This is a valid point to me. Any segment that “breaks the mold” so to speak is worth at least a second look, and Sam Tries certainly did that.


Every segment on DubTV has at least some merit, and I think any segment could be somebody’s favorite. For example, Ivor Huggett ’21 tips his hat to “Chef Sam, I appreciate the level of care he takes to sanitize his cooking products.”  It’s hard to argue with that, I suppose. In all seriousness, there are many great segments with massive amounts of effort put into them, and I am extremely proud of all the effort I have put into the show as well as the accomplishments of my peers.