FAB FIVE: Five Ways to Stay Warm at Homecoming

Jessica Lathan, Staff Reporter

For this year’s homecoming game, if you don’t have a bae to cozy up to here are 5 spectacular ideas to keep warm while hanging with friends at the football game.

Invest in a trendy spirit wear jacket. This is one of the best ways to go because you can stay warm while showing your school spirit. This is an easy purchase in our school store located in the front entrance on the first floor right by the main office.

Take a blanket to share with friends. Nothing’s better on a cold fall day than being wrapped up in a cozy blanket with all your best friends. Chat with some friends about bringing a blanket along the way.

Bring heat packs. These bad boys are an easy purchase at a local walgreens, target, or any local convenient store. The best part is you can pick up 10 of these for $5. Their super easy to hold in your pockets and slip in your shoes while at the game, and you’ll stay warm throughout.

HOT CHOCOLATE. Most WY students use public transportation to get to the game. Consider making a pit stop to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts for a warm drink.

STAND UP AND JUMP AROUND! It’s always said that the best way to stay warm is to get up and get moving. Sing along to the fight song and cheer loud with close friends and classmates.