5 Things To Do In Sub-Zero Temperatures

Dillon Jacobson, Staff Reporter

  1. Throw boiling water outside
    • Fill up a cup of boiling water (or as close to boiling as you can get) on the coldest day you can find and toss it in the air outside. Watch as the water turns into steam instantaneously. Be careful with this one, however, and make sure you are not standing in the direction the wind is blowing.
  1. Blow a bubble outside and watch it freeze
    • Go outside and find a place sheltered by the wind. Blow a bubble and catch it on your bubble wand. Watch in freeze in just a matter of minutes.
  1. Lick a telephone pole
    • Grab some warm water, go outside, and see if your tongue will stick to a pole. *The Beacon is not responsible for any injury that may come to people performing this activity.*
  1. Make snow cones with fresh snow
    • Plan out a place to collect fresh snow such as your backyard or a park and wait for a snowy day. If snow isn’t falling or has not just fallen, do not try to make a snow cone. The cleanest and freshest snow possible is the best to eat. Make sure to bring along something to flavor your snow with such as Gatorade or Kool Aid. Once it finally snows go outside scoop up some clean snow, pour your flavor on top and ta-da! Your snow cone is made.
  1. Make an ice candle
    • To make an ice candle, fill a bucket up with water and set it outside to freeze. Once the bucket is frozen flip it over and take the ice out. There should be a little bit of water left in the bottom center of your “ice chunk”—that is where your candle will go. Set the candle down and cover it with your ice chunk, you may want to elevate or stabilize the ice by setting two boards under it on either side of the candle. Light the candle underneath and the sides of the ice should protect it from the wind.