Top 5 Chicago Sweet Spots

Imani Arnett

Spend a weekend exploring all that Chicago has to offer. If your sweet tooth is typically watering, these exciting stores will be able to quench it. Located all over Chicago, many of these places provide new and refreshing spins on food. A small, but focused, menu at ZBerry’s frozen yogurt makes for exciting flavor combinations. Salted Caramel challenges the idea of what makes for a sweet treat. Lovely: A Bake Shop is serving a little bit of Southern comfort with homey breakfast pastries. Southport Grocery and Cafe experiments with the best ingredients to create inventive brunch treats. While, Sugar Shack is exactly what you think it is. Wherever these stores may take you, you definitely won’t be let down.

Let’s list them by order of excellence:


Southport Grocery and Cafe

3552 N Southport Ave, Wrigleyville

Southport Grocery may better be known as a quaint cafe inside a fine food grocery. The cafe serves quality modern comfort food. This place can be great for breakfast or lunch, since both served all day long! The location is ideal for Cubs fans, being that it is only a block away from Wrigley Field. If one isn’t in the mood for real food, they shouldn’t worry. Southport Grocery serves many pastries and delicacies in their cafe section. They will have any mouth watering for more.


Salted Caramel

5247 N Clark St, Andersonville

Some may describe this place as the best chocolate they have ever had. With an affordable price, one may be able to acquire five truffles for a bit over $10. Exquisitely crafted, the food will simply melt in one’s mouth. Salted Caramel serves all kinds of delicacies that really grow on a person, until they crave for more. With all the different flavors, it is good to have a salesperson patiently talk through the different tastes. Some examples include the jasmine truffle, the walnut marzipan, and the zebra (white, milk and dark chocolate almond & hazelnut gianduja, half coated in dark chocolate). Anyone should want to indulge in this delight. The immense freshness of the food leads any tongue salivating for more.



Lovely: A Bake Shop

1130 N Milwaukee Ave, bordering Wicker Park in Noble Square

If you are a  cupcake fiend, Lovely has some of the best in Chicago. With the fluffiness
of Sprinkles, these cupcakes are much bigger than some of the other popular ones. You get more bang for your buck essentially. Lovely: A Bake Shop is  simple, yet fresh and delicious. With Wicker Park being such a crowded and petite area, it is refreshing to know that parking is surprisingly so easy to find.

Sugar Shack

630 W 26th St, Bridgeport right off of the Stevenson expressway and Chinatown

Sugar Shack is bringing something SWEET to Chicago’s famed Bridgeport area. With it being an actual shack, it may be easily missed if it weren’t for the crowds of people constantly  surrounding it. The menu includes everything from pancakes and sweet and savory crepes to salads, burgers, steaks and shakes, all available throughout the day. This shop is sure to satisfy any sweet-tooth craving. Signature treats include Couture Pops, Candy-Infused Martinis, Smoking Candy Goblets available with or without spirits and the one-and-only King Kong Sundae. Anyone would have a blast visiting this tiny eatery. Let Sugar Shack deliver an unforgettable experience!


Z Berry

1368½ E. 53rd St, Hyde Park

A black owned restaurant in Chicago’s thriving Hyde Park area, Z Berry is home to all things frozen yogurt. Six yogurt and sorbet flavors. Six choices of syrups and sauces. And over twenty toppings of fresh fruit, nuts, candy, cookies and cereal. One may not immediately know how many total varieties that works out to. But, that’s part of the fun concocting an original frozen yogurt creation. The yogurt may work as an ice cream substitute for those more sensitive to dairy, and also just provide a good taste for anyone with a sweet tooth.