Fab Five: Five Things That Are Green

Rachel Brown, Student Life Editor

Dollar Bills: The classic George Washington printed papers symbolizing wealth have a nice greenish tint that reminds us that it is not a tall luscious green tree, but in fact just cotton.

Unripe Bananas: Before the trademark yellow skin of a banana peel trips the silliest of cartoon characters, it is a bright green to remind you to not eat it quite yet.

Text Messages to Non-iPhones: When your friend, or perhaps grandma, does not yet have an iPhone your text message responses will appear as a bright neon green on your phone instead of the crisp, eye pleasing blue as in iPhone to iPhone conversations.

Traffic Lights: One-third of the life of a traffic light is spent as a bright green beacon of hope telling you to proceed through the intersection continuing to your destination.

The Chicago River: The river has a green hue, not only during the seasonal green dyeing of the river during St. Patrick’s Day, but during almost all of the year, due to decades of pollution.