Meet Rodrigo Vazquez, a True Whitney Young Prodigy

Credo Duarte

Rodrigo Vazquez ‘17, is the single most important link that keeps this school functioning. Those who know Rodrigo know of the positive things he brings to this the Whitney Young environment. Although he may be taken for granted, Rodrigo contributes a lot to the school.


Rodrigo Vazquez is the president of Soccer Club, a supportive community that seeks to provide healthy fun to Whitney Young students that may be stressed or need a break from life. This inclusive community has become a sort of a safe haven for many Whitney Young Students, including Erik Glasscott ‘17, who says, “Going out to play on the courts has helped me love myself more and allowed me to feel more confident and proud of my beard. Rodrigo Vazquez has helped shape who I am today and I’d like to thank him for that!”


Another place Rodrigo can be found is at the Ping Pong tables. Rodrigo has mastered the art of Ping Pong and has even competed at a professional level. He spends his evenings playing Ping Pong against the Whitney Young humans. He teaches the 7th and 8th graders the art of Ping Pong. “I just want these youngins to be passionate about the sport like I am. I want to relive my years of youth and glory through these up-and-coming talents,” commented Rodrigo.


Mr. Vazquez is also a legend at Snake. Snake is a game that you can play on the computer. Rodrigo has beaten the game multiple times and is even in the Guinness Book Of World Records for this feat. People bunch up from time to time around Rodrigo and his computer to watch him play.


Rodrigo is a role model for the Whitney Young community. Mr. Vazquez is very focused on his studies and even though teachers claim that they don’t pick favorites, it is clear that Rodrigo is every teacher’s favorite. Every teacher looks up to Rodrigo for his positive attitude, his humor, and of course, his good looks.


We tried to get an interview with the legend himself but he was only able to give us a limited insight into his life as he entered his limousine: Rodrigo’s favorite class is AP Econ, where he can have interesting conversations with Mr. Waller. When asked what his favorite subject to learn about was, Rodrigo replied, “McCarthyism,” and stepped into his limo.