Fab Five: Five ways to spend “No School November”

Claire Fahey, Staff Writer

1) Take a day to treat yourself and watch an entire show on Netflix or perhaps Whitney Young’s very own Hallways of Our Lives.

2) Go to a museum! Take advantage of the free days that museums offer in the middle of the week like the free Thursdays at the Art Institute and  free Tuesdays at Museum of Contemporary Art.

3)  Spend the day exploring thrift stores. Thrift stores are a great way to waste time and a cheap alternative to going shopping at name brand stores. Also, thrift stores usually have big sales on the weekdays and around the holidays.

4) Have a potluck or a dinner party! A great way to spend time with friends is eating food and by spending the day cooking, you can save money and friendships.

5) Finally, the most popular way to spend No School November is to lock yourself inside your house on everyday off and catch up on all your school work and college apps!