Fab Five: Sweat off the sweets

Sophia Kreutz, Creative Director

If you are planning on spending this month gorging on candies and chocolates, which is highly suggested, it may be good collateral to know how to burn off these calories with simple workouts.
All candies referenced are full size servings.

1. Breaking off a piece of that Kit Kat bar means breaking out into 15 minutes of burpees.
2. Open a bag of M&Ms and remedy it with some crunches… 400 and 10.
3. Get your fingers on a Reese’s and you will be seeing yourself doing 1/2 an hour of laps in the pool.
4. Got a fix for a starburst? Well you must also have a fix for bursting into a 30 minute plank.
5. When you grab your snickers, remember to also pick up some sneakers for a 37 minute jog.