Fab 5: Top 5 things to do instead of homecoming

Homecoming is a high school tradition, but it’s not for everyone. Check out these fun alternatives.

Rachel Brown, Student Life Editor

  1. Go laser tagging: Forget looking your best, look your stealthiest and go lasertagging. You can wear all black or wear dashes of white to glow in the black lights. Don’t forget to stretch if you plan on ninja rolling through the arena. Take no prisoners.
  2. Go on a fancy dinner date: Instead of wearing your brand new dress or tie to a sweaty crowded gym, treat yourself to a gourmet dinner with your special someone. Dress up for a night on the town and spend the night conversing over a nice multiple course dinner.
  3. Go out with friends: Instead of buying a homecoming ticket, buy a movie ticket and catch the newest blockbuster with your friends. You can also go to a late night comedy show, and spend the night laughing away. There is also always live music at a concert at one of the many music venues in town.
  4.  Stay in with Netflix: Spend the night with your best friend, the one that is ALWAYS there for you, your beloved Netflix. Catch one of your all time favorite shows or maybe try a new movie that you’ve never even heard of. You can finish an entire season of whatever show you’re into right now all the while snuggled up in bed beneath your covers.
  5.  Go on a weekend trip: Take your weekend to visit another city, nature, or perhaps a college. You can go hiking at Starved Rock, or maybe visit the Indiana dunes for an autumn camping trip on the beach, bonfire included. You can drive up to nearby Milwaukee, or travel even farther perhaps to a distant coast, far away from WY’s homecoming.