Are YOU Ready for Winter?


Lena Bruursema ’19 in her coat from Urban Outfitters.

Lauren Norman, Editor


It’s winter time in Chicago, you know what that means… it’s time for a coat! If winter came a little too fast for you this year and you’re unprepared, don’t fret.  There are a lot of places to get a warm functional coat online and in-stores, whether you’re able to spend a little bit more money or you’re looking for something more affordable, there’s a place for you.

Starting with the affordable options, stores that you usually wouldn’t look straight to for winter coats have some hidden gems! Target and Urban Outfitters have lots of stylish coats, vests, and jackets to offer in all sizes starting at $20 (including sales). Lena Bruursema ‘19 bought her winter coat from Urban Outfitters and loves it, “Looking for a winter coat is always such a struggle but going to Urban Outfitters was the best decision I ever made. I was able to find a warm but stylish coat that didn’t burn a hole in my pocket!” After interviewing Emma Shumaker ‘21, I found that Kohl’s was also a common place to purchase winter items, “I bought my coat two years ago for only about $60 and it still does it’s job to this day. My two sisters also buy their coats from there and they’ve lasted us all a while.”

Some other common places to buy a coat from are The North Face, Columbia, and Patagonia. All of which are a bit more expensive but also have great quality. All three are known to be dependable and fashion-forward despite the price. Jayla Irons ‘20 has a coat from Columbia, “Um, I’ve had mine for like a year, it’s Columbia and I got it from Burlington so it was affordable. It was really good for fall because it wasn’t too heavy but it transitions into the winter very nicely.” That’s another thing to remember, even some of the more expensive brands are sold at stores like Burlington, for a good price! So I’d check there before looking on the brands’ website.

With that being said, if you haven’t gotten your winter coat, don’t panic. There are many places to find a coat that’s the perfect fit for you. Good luck!