Quarantine Fashion

Kimmy Vu-Smith

Most of the United States has become united in our sense of fashion, or as some may say, lack of fashion. We’ve all been confined to our little nooks we call home and have not ventured far beyond sweatpants and pajamas. Personally, I’ve taken on the idea of loungewear chic, the best compromise between staying comfy, yet fashionable. 

I’ve surveyed people within the Whitney Young community, and this is what some people have been wearing as their go to. “I wear what’s easiest,” says Nia Lambert ‘21, a senior at Whitney Young. When you don’t have to leave your room for school, or to go anywhere really, it seems pointless to dress up. Similarly, Maya Lambert ‘24, a freshman at Whitney Young says, “Definitely sweatpants and a t-shirt, or honestly even pajamas.” However, there are some people who feel unproductive and lazy if they don’t dress-up. Eric Nguyen, a ‘16 Whitney Young alumni describes his go to outfit as “Tapered jeans, a nice white t-shirt, and a flannel shirt over it.” Personally, I switch between my sweatpants outfits and nicer clothing. I have come to realize that usually, when dressed up or just in anything but pajamas, I feel more professional, and therefore more productive.


 I know that dressing up can seem pointless when staying at home all day, but my alternative for you is loungewear chic. Some things to look for can be matching sweatsuits, or maybe just a fun tee-shirt that is fresh and not something you’ve been wearing for days. I definitely advise trying it on days you feel sluggish, and I guarantee, you will feel good, if not amazing.