Way Back Wednesday!

Cecilia Thyen, Writer

On Wednesday, October 9th, Whitney Young students took it way back for the Spirit Day: Way Back Wednesday! Students sported looks from 200 A.D, to the 80’s, to the early 2000’s. Though these outfits were a blast from the past, most of them would still be deemed fashionable today.  

Many students wore outfits inspired by the 70s. Seventies  fashion was known for bell bottom jeans, small t-shirts, flowy clothes, and shoes such as Keds. A ton of girls came to school in wide cut and bell bottom jeans. Isa Sanchez ‘20, noted “These jeans are my mom’s from the 70s!” The trends of the 70s have become popular once again, especially festival, Woodstock inspired looks. That 70’s Show is known for its great outfits. Many people who watch the show take inspiration from it. 

The 90s was a great time for fashion. Some of the most notable trends include loose jeans, skate brands, and layered tank tops. Grunge and rock looks were popular. “This is pretty much what I wear everyday,” said Olivia May ‘21. She wore loose, boyfriend style jeans with a tank top. Today’s fashion trends and styles are all taken from the past. The looks we see on runways, in stores, and on the streets today are a reflection of past styles. “I buy most of my clothes from vintage stores and thrift shops,” stated Adrian Weiner ‘23. Many teens thrift shop and buy vintage clothes. For stylish high schoolers at Whitney Young, pretty much every day is Way Back Wednesday!