Third Period Show Review

First off, a twenty minute episode? Is this for real? DubTV is supposed to be short and sweet, not a feature length film. RIP all the people that were trying to do their homework during division.

Putting 3rd vs 4th nonsense aside, this episode was very well made. Perhaps the most solid episode. The intro with exchanging the hat was so clever that fourth period decided to borrow the concept for their intro.

However the real reason why this episode was good was the segment JackClass. With the powerful start, “Kicking it with Friends”, we get introduced to exactly what the segment will be like. Slightly dangerous events that all involve someone getting slightly hurt or pretending to be hurt.

From daring acts like the water bottle being thrown at Nick to Omar hitting his head on a door frame, JackClass has it all. A true testament to what DubTV can be at its absolute best. But one of the events that takes place shines above the rest. Of course this is Christian with “Dropping Off School Supplies,” where a tape dispenser is dropped below the belt. Not only does this include comedy at its best but also displays true emotion more than any other DubTV actor could portray. The pain on Christian’s face is real, and that is as close to comedy as DubTV will ever get.

While to most viewers the value of JackClass to society as a whole is clear, ___, 18’ claimed, “JackClass had a good concept but there’s room for improvement,” while ___, 17” stated, “JackClass was not funny, kind of immature.” Personally, I agree with ___, 16’, who said, “JackClass has promise.” Only time will tell what will come of the show, but regardless it was what made the Third Period episode great.