Power of team work

Marco Garcia

The Power of Teamwork in a Music Video


Making a music video with a group of seniors can be very easy or difficult it depends on who you are working with to make such a video. In my case, I am working with 6 people including Nic Bridgeford, Jay Primer, Erica Samantha Roy, Mireya Micaela Alejo, Destiny Mallory, Regine Lusane, Terik Preist, Terry Briggs, Luke Kensik. We used the song Kiss me Through The Phone by Soulja Boy, it was difficult to make the video because of everyones different schedules we would be missing people some days other days we wouldn’t have a camera man. Then timing was an issue because our teacher would talk for 5 minutes then our teachers aid would talk for another 10 minutes so by the time we would get our camera and start filming we only had 15 minutes to film multiple shots and from different angles. When we had our outside shots lighting was a problem because of the sun we would get unwanted shadows then we had to use 3 point lighting which is where you have 3 cameras set up so that you can get rid of unwanted shadows.”Over all this was a fun experance”-Nic Bridgeford 18.’