Is Flip the Dolphin Natty or Not?

Trinton Moore

Trinton Moore

Class of 2021

The person in question

Our lovable school mascot, Flip the Dolphin, beloved by all students and faculty of Whitney Young. Able to do majestic flips and dance moves that requires strength and talent. But what is the secret behind that talent? Is Flip the dolphin just built differently or did he use performance enhancing drugs to help push his talents beyond the limit. I went around to ask our community what they think about Flips capabilities. Ethan Nakashima, class of 21 believes that “He is on steroids, I mean how can a dolphin walk on land, I mean is Flip a wizard or something?”. Flips ability to walk on land defies biology, also Dolphins are fish and fish can not breathe outside of the water. I continued to ask more students to get a broader view point on the question. Grace Chen, class of 22 argues that “Flip is not  on steroids, the suit is too flimsy on them”. Although Grace makes a good point, I am still not convinced. I still keep coming back to my point that Dolphins should not be able to breathe on land. When Joseph Winn, class of 24 was asked the question his response was “definitely”. With this evidence I went further into depth with my theory. I looked at the school records, asked more students, but I came across two pieces of hard evidence. Turns out Dolphins are mammals and they can not breathe underwater. Also apparently Flip the Dolphin is just a human inside of a costume. So to come to  a conclusion, Flip the Dolphin is not on performance enhancing drugs. 

Flip The Dolphin is not on Steroids