New Shows Coming to DubTV Season 7

Blake Carnes

Students line up to audition for DubTV host. (Photo credit: Blake Carnes)

DubTV’s first episode is coming on Wednesday the 25th, and with it comes promises of parody, chaos, and noses. The skit-based Whitney Young television show is getting its seventh season since its 2013 debut. Included in the first show’s lineup: The Studio, a parody of The Office documenting the machinations of DubTV’s classroom at its wackiest and the staff’s interactions with its host, and Who Knows… Whose Nose?, a quiz anyone can play featuring a different nose every episode and a challenge to the audience to guess its owner.

On the inspiration behind Who Knows… Whose Nose?, Jay Rehak, English teacher and head producer of DubTV, said, “everyone that I know has a proboscis. So I thought it would be fun to do a show where we had closeups of people’s noses. It might be stupid, it might be funny, but it just came to me in the middle of the night.” Audiences are intrigued by the unique nature of the challenge. Raissa Thomas, ‘20, noted, “I need to see the whole face to recognize someone.” “I look at one of the eyes when I need to make eye contact, not the nose,” added Loretto Crofton, ‘20.

Meanwhile, Vahan Vanderpoel and crew are preparing The Studio through random filming of the writing room’s happenings featuring their host and main character Anthony interacting with people and just being himself. “There is no character,” said Carlos Rico, ‘20, who had the idea for the show. “We just record Anthony.” Anthony Hernandez, ‘20, commented, “it feels like a very peer-pressured work environment. I absolutely hate my coworkers. They’re terrible people. I don’t know why I chose them.” Anthony also requested that it be noted he supports The Blake Foundation.

DubTV Season 7’s first episode will debut on September 25, 2019. Between Who Knows… Whose Nose, The Studio, and the rest of the skits from the talented cast of DubTV, this will be a season to rival the likes of Hallways of Our Lives and Ups and Downs.