Offset Convicted of Cheating

Jalen Lewis

If anyone follows The Shade Room or any other urban gossip blog you would have heard about the hip hop power duo Cardi B and Offset splitting. Ashley Razo ‘20 said, “ I hope they signed a prenuptial agreement so he doesn’t take her money because everyone knows Migos hasn’t made a hit in who knows how long.” Tuesday night Cardi B uploaded a video to Instagram explaining how her and her husband Offset have been having problems for some time and that they will remain friends for the sake of their daughter, Kulture. This news may have come as a shock to many as just last weekend they took the stage at WGCI’s Big Jam concert and were seen enjoying themselves on a yacht during vacation last month.

The following day after news broke about the split the media went into a frenzy about the extramarital affairs Offset was having during the duration of his marriage. Text messages and facetime calls were leaked as Offset attempted to cheat with two women known as @Summerbunni on Instagram and the rapper Cuban Doll. According to the text messages the exchange between @Summerbunni and Offset happened in June, a month before the birth of his daughter. The text messages showed Offset asking @Summerbunni to join him in “New or lean” and to bring Cuban Doll. Amaja Craft ‘20 said, “It is clear that Offset doesn’t respect Cardi B by attempting to cheat on her a month before she gave birth. I’m glad she plans to divorce him.” After fans heard of the news they were quick to call @Summerbunni and Cuban Doll homewreckers as they knew Offset and Cardi B were married. @Summerbunni then issued a public apology crying and taking responsibility for her part, as well as apologizing to Cardi B as she claimed she didn’t know that their marriage “was that serious.” Kristin Reid ‘19 said, “I thought it was funny how the girl [@summerbunni] insisted that she did not know how serious their marriage was. What gets more serious than marriage?”

Although in the text messages it appeared that Cuban Doll agreed to join Offset and @Summerbunni, TMZ was able to speak with Cuban Doll where she said that she does not know Offset and she is to take no blame for the events that transpired or the falling of Offset’s marriage. Hopefully, for the sake of Kulture Cardi B and Offset can remain friends even as this horrific news broke out.