A Rumble In Chicagoland

Joseph Winn, Staff Writer

               Residents of Homewood, Illinois gather inside the Flossmoor Auditorium to witness a show on this rainy Saturday night. Steel chairs and barricades fill the arena. There is a curtain over the stage area with a ramp leading from it. Where does it lead? Well, in the center of it all is a raised platform with 4 metal posts on each corner with three tight elevator cable ropes connecting them. Yes, a ring. We’re here to see wrestling, not the wrestling that consists of headgear and a mat, but professional wrestling. These people are here to see two hours of non-stop action, live stunts, and engaging stories to take them away from reality for a little while. 

               You might have seen professional wrestling on television, but that isn’t the only professional wrestling available to you as a viewer, especially for Chicago/Chicagoland residents. WrestleLeague LLC is a professional wrestling school and promotion that hosts shows every two months or so and have done shows in Logan Square, Pilsen, and now their new home for the foreseeable future, Homewood. 

               WrestleLeague’s current show is what is known as a supershow. A supershow is a show that is put on by multiple pro-wrestling promotions partnering together. For this installment, WrestleLeague partnered with fellow Chicago promotion, Chicagoland Championship Wrestling, as well as a recently acquired foreign partner, the famous Japanese promotion Dragon Gate. Combining the aspects of all three partnered promotions, the event was titled “Open The Chicagoland Gate Supershow”. 

          Given the nature of a supershow, mainstay talent from each promotion was featured prominently throughout the card. Those in attendance were treated to WrestleLeague staples like WrestleLeague heavyweight champion The Ewokk (formerly at the time of this article) as well as proven champion Jesus Desafio. Chicagoland Championship Wrestling fans were pleased to be able to see the tag team War Hoss and CCW Champion ( formerly at the time of this article) “Shogun” Chris Logan. Most alluring, however, was the talent brought along by Dragon Gate, which included the Mexican Luchador Legend Skayde. “It’s not every day you get to see a legend like Skayde in the flesh, or better yet share a locker room with him,” says WrestleLeague LLC wrestler Kid Lat. 

           The next time you are in need of something to do on a Saturday evening, consider heading down to Homewood to check out your local professional wrestling scene.