A Dolphin-tastic Thanksgiving Celebration


Alec Thomas

Happy post-Thanksgiving, Whitney M. Young Magnet High School! Last month, Whitney Young students and staff members enjoyed three days off school, and an opportunity to spend time and eat large quantities of food with friends and family. Some people traveled out of town, while others stayed in the city. Originally, students were going to be asked general questions about Thanksgiving, like “What do you and your family do for Thanksgiving?” and “What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?” However, a major, divisive issue was observed among them: their holiday food preferences. Many students, like Tristan Taylor ‘19 and Daisy Salchli ‘20 prefer food items off the typical Thanksgiving menu, stating that they enjoyed turkey and mashed potatoes respectively. However, there are other students, like Emiliano Kresser ‘19, who like foods more off the beaten path. Emiliano likes oyster stuffing, and says, “Y’all gotta try it…seriously, make some and eat it.”

In addition to Thanksgiving food preferences, Whitney Young students have many Thanksgiving traditions that they enjoy partaking in. For example, Emiliano’s favorite Thanksgiving tradition is eating oyster stuffing. Big surprise there. Tristan enjoys watching the N.F.L. football games that occur on Thanksgiving Day, while Daisy enjoys celebrating her sister’s birthday with her family, which always falls around Thanksgiving week. This year, the birthday was actually on Thanksgiving!

Whether you went over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house for some homemade pumpkin pie, or you celebrated a Brazilian-style Thanksgiving at Fogo de Chão, Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday to join together with family and friends and remember the things you are grateful for. This is coming a few days late, but on the behalf of the Beacon Staff, I want to wish all of our readers and contributors a very wonderful Thanksgiving. Winter break is just around the corner, Dolphins. Stay strong!

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? What Thanksgiving traditions do you enjoy participating in?  Why was this article written almost a week after Thanksgiving? Do you like oyster stuffing?