Top 10 Must-Eat High End Restaurants In Chicago

Top 10 Must-Eat High End Restaurants In Chicago

Kai Ramirez

I have put together a list of the best high end restaurants to eat at in Chicago, Illinois. Luckily all of these are still available during quarantine for pick up. 

  1. Subway

Subway is my least favorite sandwich restaurant. Now I know you’re wondering, “Kai, if it’s your least favorite, why is it in the Top 10 list?” Let me tell you, it’s because of price, accessibility, and customization options. 

  1. Burger King

The only reason Burger King made this list is because of their famous Whopper. 

  1. Wendy’s

Nothing beats a Chocolate Frosty and Large French Fry. Dip em, dunk em, or mix em. 

  1. Panda Express

If you’re looking for some authentic Chinese cuisine, this is your place. Plenty of options from Beijing Beef to Kung Pao Chicken.

  1. Jimmy Johns

If you are a baller when it comes to cash, you can move away from Subway and go to the superior Jimmy Johns. Choose your sandwich, chips, delicious cookie, and don’t forget a pickle. And they’re freaky fast. If you are a millionaire you can probably afford Potbelly which is better than both Jimmy Johns and Subway.

  1. Popeyes

Let’s be honest, Popeyes is on this list because of the Chicken Sandwich. And that’s okay because it is really good.

  1. Five Guys

This place is amazing because they include so many fries and have the cool Coke machines that lets you choose all different types of crazy drinks.

  1. Taco Bell

Moving into the top three, we have the most authentic Mexican food you can get in Chicago. From Mexican Pizza to Doritos Locos and a Baja Blast. Also, don’t forget your hot sauce. 

  1. ChickFilA

Best chicken, best service, and best sauce puts ChickFilA at number two on this list. 

  1. McDonald’s

We all saw this coming. Not only are McDonalds’ everywhere in Chicago, but they also supply the world with an entire menu of banging foods. Chicken McNuggets, Big Mac, and McChicken. Then we have the breakfast menu. Hotcakes, McGriddles, McMuffin, sausage, and hash browns. Then the dessert menu. McFlurries, Hot Fudge Sundaes, and all different types of shakes. To finalize McDonald’s at the number one spot, we have the limited time options. The McRib, the Shamrock Shake, the Strawberry Lemonade and you cannot forget about the famous Travis Scott Burger.


That completes my list for Top 10 restaurants in Chicago. I know I left out many amazing restaurants like Little Caesars and Culvers so if you have any recommendations, let me know in the comments.