Cardi B Vs. Nicki Minaj

Jalen Lewis

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The beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B goes back as far as the song Motorsport with Migos. Fans thought the beef between the two was settled when they were seen talking at the Met Gala earlier this year. As many who are familiar with the beef between the two know that Nicki Minaj has her own radio show called Queen on Apple Music. Nicki Minaj has used this platform several times to talk about the issues that she’s had with Cardi B. Gianna Gant ‘19 said, “I have been so interested in the beef between them. Personally,I think there is room for the both of them. But, if i was forced to pick one I would pick Nicki Minaj because I have been a fan since Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.”

More problems were arisen than initially thought. During New York Fashion Week this year the problems escalated to a physical fight and instead of fighting Nicki Minaj Cardi B fought Nicki Minaj’s close friend Rah Ali. Later that evening, Cardi B explained her side of the story and claimed that it started because Nicki Minaj liked a post dissing Cardi B’s parenting skills and claims that Minaj attempted to stop her from getting money. Amaja Craft ’20 said, “ I’m more on Cardi B’s side. I think Nicki Minaj is just hating.”

Months later, Nicki Minaj was back on Queen Radio to discuss more problems that she’s had with Cardi B even bringing in well known fashion brands such as Diesel and Steve Madden. In this episode she talked about how the deals Cardi B got were because Minaj was offered first and declined.The radio episode sent Cardi B into a frenzy and she posted several videos on Instagram calling Minaj a liar and saying that she was offered the deal first. Diesel even stepped in and confirmed Nicki Minaj’s statement. On the other hand, Steve Madden first denied ever offering Nicki Minaj a deal but later backtracked and apologized. Nicki Minaj then went on a Twitter rant saying that the two could have a rap off since it’s believed that Cardi B doesn’t write her own raps. When asked what he thought Julian Green ‘19 said, “ Honestly, I haven’t been paying attention to it but the memes that have been generated have been hilarious.” At least something positive came out of the two at odds. By the end of the night the two called a truce and decided to move on, but we’ll see how long that lasts.

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Cardi B Vs. Nicki Minaj