31 Days of Halloween

Natalia Perez

The television channel Freeform is incorporating its own source of spookiness to this Halloween season. The network which was once known as ABC Family, decided that 13 days of Halloween was not enough for their viewers, so they extended the holiday to the whole month of October. From the witchy phenomenon Hocus Pocus to the chilling The Nightmare Before Christmas, there is a little bit of spine-chilling scares for everyone.

Kimmy Vu-Smith ‘21 talked about her love for Halloween and what 31 Days of Halloween has to do with it, “Halloween movies are my absolute favorite! They put me in the fall mood and it’s a great way to get excited about the new season from summer and I have such fond memories of watching spooky movies with my family while decorating pumpkins.” With more people participating in fall activities, it only makes sense that Freeform would add to the enjoyment. Keaton Schwartz ‘19 mentioned, “I remember watching Freeform when it was ABC Family and eagerly waiting for 13 days of Halloween to start.” Now people like Keaton have even more time to enjoy what Freeform has to offer.

Although there is an overall enthusiasm toward the Halloween jubilation, Sophie Sanchez ‘19 states, “I’m not a fan of being scared! But I do enjoy the classics and can still have a nice time sharing candy with friends while watching some of the films shown on TV.” Even if you have no enjoyment of scary things, you can still watch the showings of the more laid back movies such as Monsters University or the classic, The Addams Family. For all the Halloween lovers out there–get out your candy corn and start watching the blood-curling flicks that make us all want to scream out, “HALLOWEEN IS HERE!”