Tbaar Bubble Tea Review


Dearborn Plys, Editor

Tbaar, is a name well-known to Whitney Young students as a place for bubble tea at a convenient location. On Taylor immediately west of the school, Tbaar is an ideal spot for after school tea or slushes. This adorable little shop is decorated with calming green walls, succulents growing in tiny ceramic pots, and has a selection of board games that patrons can play while they sip.

Classic bubble tea, also known as boba tea, is sweetened black tea with milk with chewy honey-soaked tapioca pearls (boba) served cold. Now you can get boba with black tea, green tea, a range of tropical fruit-flavored smoothies. If tapioca’s not your thing try any number of other toppings for you tea like jelly, lychee jelly, or azuki sweet bean paste.

My favorite drink is their Matcha (Japanese Green Tea) smoothie which has just the right amount of sweetness, strong green tea flavor, and a bit of caffeine. The variety of different drinks means that people with a wide range of tastes can all find something that makes them happy. Brendan Zeng, ‘20 says his favorite drink is the “honeydew melon smoothie, ‘cause it’s sweet, it’s green, and it’s melon.”

For more info visit Tbaar’s website, or visit their second location in Chinatown on Wentworth Ave.

By Dearborn Plys