Introducing: Femmes of Rock


Victoria Camuy, Staff Writer

Halfway through the guitar program’s Winter Jam Session, a B power chord rings out and the lights come up on Femmes of Rock performing “Volcano Girls” by Veruca Salt. Formed in 2018 out of agitation because of the lack of femme representation in rock, Femmes is a club apart of the guitar program based in feminism and empowerment, they only play songs written and performed by women. As a place for women and genderqueer folks they cultivate a supportive community and rock out at the same time. Senior President Nusche M. reflects, “I don’t think a lot of the guys in the guitar department realize how defeating it is to be so outnumbered. Femmes is a place of joy.” A club that emphasizes the importance of all students’ voices, Femmes operates on equality and inclusivity.

Since the group is student led, all of the scheduling, learning, and making is done by the students. Band members hold pride over their work and learn to collaborate. “It’s super cool to get to watch everyone grow as players and as a team,” junior Chloe G says.  “Everyone has a unique personality that we are able to channel into our playing.” This collaborative approach has proven vital and extends beyond the stage, forming a community within the club. After the pandemic, the group was cut from 25 to 8 students, leaving a challenge for post-quarantine band. They had to regroup and reestablish what their purpose was. The community of the band became very important, “I’m immensely proud of [the band’s] growth. As our communication strengthened our bond and we felt more comfortable sharing feedback freely, we gained confidence,” Nusche said.

Many, like Sophomore Maggie R. expresses, joined Femmes for an extra place to express themselves. “I joined Femmes to have an outlet for guitar beyond class. It adds a load of work but in no way do I regret joining.” These folks work hard for their craft and uplift the voices that are so often overlooked. Catch them at their next bridge performance and make sure to cheer for Femmes of Rock!