A True Dolphin Mentality By Ava Thurman Photography by Simone, Lanez Photos

The Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity Basketball teams have stormed into this season with the mentality of a true dolphin in mind. With a combined 6w streak, these teams are constantly setting a bar that others are struggling to meet. Of course, their seasons haven’t been challenge-free, but in true dolphin fashion, both teams have faced adversity face first and made impressive comebacks each time. 


The Varsity Boys’ Basketball team has a 4-1 record at the moment, only losing their first game against Kenwood. After the close loss to Kenwood, 44-46, some people began to question whether the team would live up to the legacy they left last year, making it all the way down to state. The boys completely shut this rumor down, winning by 42 points in their following game against Rockford East. They completely overtook the opposing team, almost scoring 2x the amount of points Rockford East made each quarter. This astounding performance by The Boys’ Varsity team left no doubt in anyone’s mind that the team was coming into this season with only success on their minds. So far, they have maintained a 4 game winning streak, their most recent match being brought to our home turf against Farragut.


The Farragut game was the first Boys’ Basketball home game of the season making excitement an all-time high. Students and adults alike packed the bleachers, eager to watch as the team worked their magic. The Boys began dominating right at tip-off, establishing themselves by the end of the first quarter with an 11-point lead. Player #32, Marcus Pigram, and player #3, Dalen Davis dominated the second quarter bringing us to a score of 43-26 as we approached halftime. Attendees could already see which way the game was going to go as they witnessed the ferocity of the Varsity Boy’s team in the first two quarters. Surprisingly, in quarter 3 Farragut attempted to close the gap, rounding the score out to 50-59. This attempt did little to the Varsity Boys’ spirit as they dropped 25 points in the final quarter, closing the game out with a score of 84-67. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Varsity Boys’ team will apply this dominant energy to their upcoming games, further adding to their 4 game winning streak.


The Lady Dolphins rushed headfirst into their season kicking things off with a 31-point win against Edwardsville. Such a roaring victory excited Varsity Girls’ Basketball fans, raising their expectations of what the season would shape out to be. Unfortunately, following the Edwardsville game, the girls experienced three close losses back to back, two of which were decided by free throws. Even through this time, The Lady Dolphins kept their heads high, bringing their best to each game they played. After a three-game losing streak, The Varsity Girls’ team came back in full swing in their first home game winning against Taft 89-46. The Girls made their intentions crystal clear in the first quarter, dropping a whopping 35 points while Taft only had 13. They kept this pace in the  2nd and 3rd quarters scoring 21 and 22 points, giving no room for Taft to even attempt a comeback. Fourth quarter, all they had to do was simply let the time run out, closing out the game with an unbelievable 43-point lead. 

The girls kept this same winning energy for their most recent match, traveling to JCP to play Jones. It was apparent that The Lady Dolphins had only one thing on their mind when playing Jones, and that was victory. The Girls’ Varsity team washed out their ‘’competition’’ in a complete landslide, ending the game with a shocking 59-point lead. The Girls’ Varsity managed to almost triple their points against Jones, leaving the school with an incredible score of 89-30. This amazing showcase by The Lady Dolphins has knocked out all doubts that anyone thought they had about their abilities and has only solidified that they are back and better than ever.