Spectacular Spring Performances

Ellie Van Houten, Arts Editor

Anyone who has gone to school at Whitney Young knows that the spring is a time rife with incredible student events and performances. From the guitar show to the choir concert, from dance to AAC, this is a time when Whitney Young showcases some of what it does best.

This spring was the first time since 2019 that students have been able to experience the full breadth and depth of what our school has to offer. After such a difficult couple years, it was truly inspiring to once again see the talent and passion of our students on display for all to see. Some guitar show highlights include guitar students’ renditions of “I Love Rock n’ Roll” by Joan Jett and the Black-
hearts and “Call Me” by Blondie, as well as performances from our very own guitar extracurricular Femmes of Rock. Following the guitar concert was the choir concert, featuring uplifting songs like “My Heart Be Brave” and the return of alumni and choir classics like “Lift Every Voice and Sing” and “Gaelic Blessing”.

Especially after a year of the department being largely student-run, the dance show was an absolute triumph, showcasing almost entirely student-choreographed pieces, as well as the iconic as ever “Din Da Da”. The AAC show the next week continued this tradition of student-led choreography and performance, with pieces showcasing their theme “Home” and the fan favorite glow stick performance rounding out the night.

At the heart of it, these shows all exemplify what makes Whitney Young students one of a kind: the care and dedication to their crafts, a diversity of talents cultures, and the enthusiastic support that they have for each other and their interests.