Whitney Young’s Official Music Review


Hannon Wilson, Editor

Die Lit

I would like to start off by giving thanks to all the artists who have blessed 2017 with some amazing albums and songs. The mixtapes and albums are dropping at a rate of almost 1 per week (not including underground artists) which is great because not only does it give me new music to listen to, it also gives me new albums to write about.

This week’s issue is about the new 21 Savage, Offset (from the group Migos), and Metro Boomin’s collab album titled Without Warning. This article wasn’t hyped much prior to its release because, as the title states, it came without any warning. The artists didn’t release information to the fans that this collab was ever in the works, but I think that plays into the love it received from hip hop fans. Similar to many other 21 Savage albums, the content of this project is mostly about violence and making it out from his tough upbringing, and most of the songs follow the same fast paced beats that 21 uses often. I like the album because the songs are jiggy and make me want to dance but if you were listening strictly to hear good lyrics or a deep message, this isn’t the album for you.

Getting into the individual songs on the album, the tracklist is built like a 10 men batting lineup. The leadoff song is Ghostface Killers which starts the album with strength and sets the mood for the entire album. My Choppa Hate N****s is in the cleanup spot considering it is the best song on the album. Then, in the 7th spot is my personal favorite Disrespectful. Although it sounds similar to  My Choppa Hate N****s with the way that the lyrics flow, I enjoy the beat more and find it to be more catchy. I interviewed some hip-hop fans and here is what they said:

“This album makes me want to dance but I get tired of the similarity between the songs. Overall though, I rock with it.” -Tyler Bady ‘18

If you are a hip-hop fan and you enjoy street music you should definitely check out this album. You might run into some of these songs at a party, but I doubt anywhere else. Overall, I rate this album a 6 out of 10. Scroll down to view the first series of CLove’s Suggestions of the Week.



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