Whitney Young’s Official Music Review


Hannon Wilson, Editor


I would like to start by saying that Jaden Smith’s new album SYRE that dropped 2 weeks ago  caught me by complete surprise. I honestly wasn’t aware that Jaden Smith continued his rapping career since his feature on Never Say Never with Justin Bieber back in 2010. I knew he was still in the entertainment world as an actor, but I was hesitant to listen to his new album because I thought he would be bad as a rapper. I was completely incorrect.

SYRE starts off with an eight minute song titled BLUE which Jaden divides into four different songs B, L, U, and E. Even though the songs are divided up, they still flow directly into one another so that when listening to them at once, they sound like one long song. This design has been done before by other artists such as Travis Scott, but never have I heard it with four songs. The rest of the songs combat with one another in style and energy and meaning. This album is very interesting to me because it flows, even though if you look at it through either meaning of each song, or style of each song, or genre, or tempo, it does not logically flow. I like how Jaden is able to bring together a variety of songs that aren’t similar to each other and make them flow so well.

In its entirety SYRE is a giant mixture of all types of musical genres. Jaden incorporates, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock & Roll, and even some Gospel at different points throughout the article which is why I think it is so powerful. Jaden cleverly demonstrates his versatility as an artist because he can combine all of these genres into one powerful piece.

To be completely honest, I found out about Jaden’s article through some friends of mine. I interviewed them before I heard it and they all assured me it was fire.

“His tape is hot. Everyone needs to get in tune.” -Tyree Beard ‘18

“I didn’t expect it to be half as good as it turned out, but I loved it. Jaden Smith really did his thing with this article.” -Jake Kozakowski ‘18

“Don’t sleep on Jaden Smith. SYRE is all I’ve been listening to recently.” – Omar Bah ‘18

In conclusion, if you are a proponent of music that tries something new and different, then SYRE is definitely an album that you should check out. I was ignorant of Jaden Smith’s rapping ability, but I am definitely waiting to hear more from him.








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