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Hannon Wilson, Editor



On Friday, May 4th the rap group Rae Sremmurd dropped their third major album titled SR3MM aka Sremmlife 3. There was a lot of hype surrounding this project since Sremmlife and Sremmlife 2 were such successes. This group really solidified themselves as phenoms in 2016 when they changed pop culture with their song Black Beatles. I have been a fan since their first major single No Flex Zone dropped in 2015, so you can probably guess how excited I was for this release.

SR3MM is a very long album, and Rae Sremmurd divided the work into 3 parts, each part being 9 songs long. The first third of the album is the actual SR3MM group work. The following 9 songs are from Swaecation, which is Swae Lee’s (the younger brother of the two rap stars) solo album. The last 9 are from Slim Jxmmi’s (the older brother) solo album Jxmmtro. This is the first time that either of them have released solo albums before in their career.

This album starts with a hype song, a commonplace among Rae Sremmurd albums. The music on SR3MM is different than the music from their other projects, but the flow of the first 9 songs and the overall sound is the same. Moving on to Swaecation the overall vibe of the album calms down. This is very tranquil, serene, “summertime” music in my opinion.  I enjoy the soft beats and smooth melodies Swae Lee brings with his piece of the album. Slim Jxmmi finishes off the album strong with more up beat songs that he is known for. He utilizes different metrics than most rappers in his flow style which is something I like best about his rapping.

I did not receive a lot of good feedback from my peers about this album. For instance,

“They didn’t meet the hype. I expected more, but in less songs.” -Jake Kozakowski ‘18

“I hated swaecation and jxmmtro was bad too. Sr3mm was the only good part.” -Christion Rice ‘18

However, I have no doubt that people will warm up to the album. The same thing happened to Sremmlife and Sremmlife 2. I feel like in 2 months people will be raving about SR3MM. Check out C Love’s Suggestion of the Week below.






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