Whitney Young’s Official Music Review


Hannon Wilson, Editor


Last Friday on 4/20/18 J. Cole dropped his newest masterpiece KOD. It is a very elaborate piece much needed in a time like today when rap is changing into an art very simple art form that everyone can do and straying far from the complexity that it used to have. Not that I dislike what rap has become–I still enjoy the fast paced beats and jumpy music that has come out of this new generation–I just think it was about time for another “classic” album.

Cole actually changes up the message of this album and addresses real issues such as poverty, drugs, and our corrupt tax system.  He details the struggles he’s had with his mother as well has several encounter with his fans and how they’ve affected him. His overall message from the album is that we need change, both in the music industry and in our country as a whole.

Cole created much controversy with this album because he ruined his streak of platinum albums without any features. He features a new artist with the name kiLL Edward on two of his songs on the album. The interesting thing about kiLL Edward is that he is actually J. Cole with a voice effect. kiLL Edward is basically J. Cole’s alter ego. The music world has seen artists make music under the name of their alter egos time and time again, some examples being Beyonce’s alter ego Sasha Fierce and Tupac’s Makavelli. Thus, there is currently a debate on whether or not kiLL Edward’s appearances on the album actually should count as a feature.

I most appreciate the controversy that this album stirs up on multiple accounts. Not only the topics, but also the kiLL Edward appearance. However, not all fans had the same view.

“I think J. Cole did not do as well as his last work. KOD was lowkey trash.” -Marc Jiang ‘18

“kiLL Edward ruined the entire album. Cole should’ve stuck to no features.” -Phil Denne ‘19  

Overall, my opinion of the album is that it was very well written and I’m glad Cole dropped it. Check out C Love’s  suggestion of the week below.






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