Black History Month Article

Natalia Perez

February is Black History month. I decided to talk about one of my closest friends and idol, Kayinsola Anifowoshe. President of National Honor Society, Acting for Gender Equality Club, and Students Working Against Prisons Club among many other roles of leadership, Kanyinsola, or as her friends know her, Kani, is one of the most accomplished people I know. Is she the most organized? Not really. But that does not matter because she still manages to be the most brilliant person in the room.

Throughout Kani’s relationships, including our friendship, she has never failed to be considerate to others even if they are complete strangers. I know that I can count on her to listen and provide viable feedback at any time. Once she has her mind set on something, it happens. Mark Andre Adalin from last year’s NHS executive board and graduating class ‘18 responded, “She was very kind and soft-hearted when I got to meet her, but I could also see how she had the ability to take initiative when needed,” on her role as President of NHS. Her multi-talented self gets what needs to be done whether it’s choreographing and teaching her piece in the Dance IV show, presenting in Chicago Youth Talks or as Co-chair of the Young Feminist Conference, writing zines, or teaching one of her seven workshops- she will work just as hard as she did on the last task.

I along with many others don’t just love Kani because she’s beautiful, fashionable, and hilarious without trying. She is also extremely intelligent, creative, positive, and so much more. Annika Chrobak-Prince ‘19 gave this short but sweet response that accurately fits the persona of Kani, “She is perfect.” Even Dr. Kenner has claimed her as one of her “favorite students.” So I just want to say thank you, Kani. For all that you do and who you are. Thank you for being a role model for me and many others and for making my school environment a better place. I am proud to call Kani my friend. To many more accomplishment and honors, I take a bow to Kayinsola Anifowoshe.