Kyla Hubbard


Alondra Lozano

Journalist, dancer, amazing friend, and much more, Kyla Hubbard ‘20 can do it all. As Co-Captain of the Guys and Dolls dance company at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School,  and member of Boom Crack! and Boom Box!, Kyla Hubbard works hours on end, inside and outside of school to work on her creative endeavors. She began to dance at the age of eleven and has not stopped since. Her motivation to perfect her moves comes from her passion to inspire others. She mentions how dancing allows her, “to do anything you want; dancing is not a finite thing, it is very open ended, and you can’t stop growing. It never gets old.”

Practice makes perfect, and Kyla has practiced her writing skills as well. As editor of Whitney M. Young Magnet High School’s printed newspaper, The Beacon, and contributing writer of True Star Magazine, she has proved her versatility extends farther than her dancing. Her writing abilities come from her urge to make a difference and educate others. She says, “through my writing, I’m able to teach people about things they may not know about, and provide my opinion. I feel like I have the ability to positively change someone’s outlook on the world around them.” From music reviews to current news events, Kyla Hubbard’s writing never fails to take a fresh take on whatever she sits down to write about.

Along with dancing and writing, she is also Vice-President of Random Acts of Flowers. This club supports a non-profit organization which delivers recycled flowers to hospital patients that don’t have a support system. The club at Whitney M.Young Magnet High School is dedicated to raising money, supplies, and volunteering for their organization. When she’s not working on her dancing and writing techniques, she says she enjoys, “sleeping and watching youtube or Netflix.” She is currently binge watching Game of Thrones. As much as she has already accomplished, Kyla Hubbard is a junior and excited to see where senior year takes her.

Make sure to stay updated with her True Star articles and look for her in the Whitney M. Young Magnet High School’s Spring Dance show on May 3rd and 4th!