Black YouTubers


Khayin Maheia

YouTube is the go-to site when seeking videos on all sorts of topics: academics, tutorials, sports highlights, and even beauty. YouTube is dominated by female, white beauty gurus, but there are also many black beauty gurus who deserve just as much recognition. Here’s a list of a few:


Jackie Aina: The beautiful Jackie Aina is a former military officer, current beauty guru and strong advocate for the black beauty industry. She has collaborated with popular brands including Elf, Too Faced Cosmetics, and Sephora.


MsAaliyahJay: Aaliyah Jay is a very popular Youtuber known for her iconic makeup looks and discovered by many from her infamous storytime line, “she wasn’t ugly! I’m not a hater, she wasn’t ugly, but… she wasn’t me.” While she doesn’t post much on YouTube now, her older videos may be helpful to anyone looking to advance their makeup technique.


Malibu Dollface: When it comes to wigs, bundles, and inches, I my first stop for advice is Malibu Dollface. He has videos full of information about over 50 different hair companies. All of his reviews are completely honest and his personality shines in the videos keeping you entertained, yet informed. He even goes as far as making themes around his look to coordinate with the look and vibe his wig gives off. Before you buy from that AliExpress vendor, watch a Malibu Dollface video.