I Miss Whitney Young

I miss Whitney Young. I miss walking the colorful halls, spending time with my classmates, and listening to my teachers’ lectures. I miss being educated by my substitute teachers on the fourth dimension and the benefits of joining the Scholastic Bowl team. I would give anything to receive another Whitney Young Weekly with a new edition of Kenner’s Korner. I miss being asked for donations by the Friends of Whitney Young, and I especially miss those daily entrances into the building. Nothing could surpass the feeling of walking to the main office to purchase a $2 sticker. Having one’s ears assaulted by Dr. Kenner’s congratulations to the athletes is an experience that I cannot replicate in the confines of my home, and I miss those announcements more and more every day. Though I can watch my favorite TV show at home, DubTV is simply not the same without the buffering and projector issues that I have become accustomed to. Typing this essay feels wrong without ackies around me shouting obscenities at each other about Minecraft. The coronavirus outbreak has been a terrible happening, killing thousands and hurting many more, but, far worse, it has taken me away from the place that I love most.


After discussing the break from school with some other students, I found that many share my sadness. “Now I never get to hear about who lost their Airpods,” says Travis B, ‘21. “Trying to use Mobile ID isn’t the same at home,” complains Kyle F, ‘23. “Life without school is not life at all,” says an anonymous senior.