Keith Jones


My basketball coach, best friend and dad all in one. When I think of African Americans that should be of note, the first person that comes to mind is my dad Keith. Nadia Swansey ‘22 says “You and your dad look just alike!” And I have to agree, my father is my twin. We like the same things and we have the same personality. We are both the youngest of our siblings. If you wonder where I get my mean glare or chill vibe from, it is from him! My father is a very notable man. He has such great integrity and empathy. He never runs a red light, or a stop sign. My sister never fails to ask him “Why are you slowing down at the yellow lights? Just go !” He always replies “We aren’t in a rush and it’s not worth it. You can wait the the one minute for the light.” If the clerk forgot to ring him up for something he would not just let it slide, he would tell them. Despite coming off as mean, he actually has a deep compassion for his loved ones. My father would do anything and everything for my brother, sister and me. He wanted us to have the life he was not blessed with when he was our age and he is doing just that. I do not think my father will ever understand how truly grateful I am for him.