Benefits of Coffee (Satire)

Madeleine Byun

June 3, 2020

The Benefits of Coffee If you are not holding a steaming hot cup of jo, you are losing out on essential health benefits coffee provides. I’m going to explain some background about coffee. Coffee originated in Ethiopia in the 9th century...

The USA’s Unsatisfactory Response to Coronavirus: Op-ed

Olivia Witulski, Writer

June 2, 2020

The coronavirus has been spreading like wildfire, and the US is not excluded. So why haven’t we been implementing the same responses that other countries have? Why hasn't the US implemented a proper stay-at-home order? Why ...

America Bans Cats

America Bans Cats

May 13, 2020

Satirical Essay

April 13, 2020

Around Europe, America is the go-to laughingstock. Europeans say, “Their President is their biggest problem,” or, “No, their national debt is their largest problem.” That’s simply not true. The most concerning issue...

RIP Pop Smoke

April 13, 2020

RIP Pop Smoke   The year 2020 is not off to a good start for the music industry, specifically Hip-Hop. Earlier this year, Chicago Native, Juice WRLD (a.k.a. Jarred Higgins), tragically passed away shortly after he ...

BERLIN, GERMANY - DECEMBER 14: The Logo of videotelephony product FaceTime is displayed on a smartphone on December 14, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)


March 31, 2020

The year 2020

The year 2020

March 23, 2020

America in a Dome

Rogelio Renteria

March 19, 2020

Instead of dealing with the constant crime brought by people illegally entering the United States, I think an effective, full-proof plan to combat this issue would be to build a dome. This dome would be so beneficial to keepi...

The World with Coronavirus

Jenny Chen, Editor

March 18, 2020

“Wash your hands kids,” exclaimed Rogelio Renteria, ‘20. Everyone knows to take care of themselves during this outbreak with the coronavirus, or Covid-19 pandemic. What will happen if a cure is not yet to be found? Well. I’m here to tell you. In a fe...

Pitchfork Lineup

Cece Thyen

March 5, 2020

By: Cece Thyen This past week, on February 19th, the full Pitchfork Music festival lineup was released. Pitchfork is a 3 day music festival that starts on July 17th and goes to the 19th. It takes place at Chicago’s Union Park...

March 5, 2020

Lovie Annafi   Gigi v Jake Infamous Youtuber, Jake Paul, made some snarky tweets at former one direction member Zayn Malik. Jake Paul was mad that Zayn didn’t want to hang out with him and his gang of D list celebrities. So he called Zayn Malik bitter...

Super Tuesday

Helen McKnight

March 4, 2020

On Tuesday, March 2nd, 2020 the presidential primary known as “Super Tuesday” occurred. This is a very important marker in the presidential primary because 14 different states vote to decide the democratic and republican n...

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