Top Ten Vine Betrayals To Cheer You Up After the SAT

Top Ten Vine Betrayals To Cheer You Up After the SAT

Dearborn Plys, Editor

Tuesday the 10th was the SAT, so as a Junior, I think it’s important to be able to relax after you’ve inevitably been crushed by four hours of standardized testing. I wanted this to be a top 10 anime betrayals list, but after long drawn out testing, I think about 7 seconds is the longest anyone’s attention span will be. So, without further ado, here are the top ten Vine betrayals, according to Whitney Young students, to cheer you up.

  1. That is not correct because according to the encyclopedia of

We all know people like this, especially at SAT season it can be hard to deal with this kind of behavior. Piper Macdonald ‘19, track star and Junior, says, “This vine is very relatable to people at Whitney Young because it is people at Whitney Young.”

  1. Roommates

The betrayal here happens off screen to the woman on the phone and we relate to her pain, and to the man’s sarcastic reaction. Overhearing other people’s tea is an essential part of the spice of high school life, and it would be remiss not to mention it on this list.

  1.  When will you learn that your actions have consequences

This vine is actually a clip from a longer video by SammyClassicSonicFan on an infamous rant about new versions of Sonic. “I found the original video for this back in 7th grade” says artists Karen Spriggs ‘19, “it’s nice to come full circle and see [SammyClassicSonicFan] in vine compilations now. Sammy’s sense of betrayal is a pretty good representation of the feeling after taking the SAT for lot of people.”

7. I am not a coward

2018 is a year of recycling old memes into something beautiful, drawing on the nostalgia we feel from old memories that we forgot, and mashing them together into a newer, funnier beast that takes years of pop culture knowledge to truly understand. It’s in music in genres like Vaporwave, in multi-layered PSAT memes, and it’s in this classic vine.

  1. Chris is that a weed

“As a film teacher, I’m impressed with the level of cinematic complexity that was able to be fit in such a short space,” says Florian, film teacher at Whitney Young, “the framing is good, the camera is in focus, and the new take on common household appliances really makes you think. The microwave in my office has been broken for so long, this vine makes me wonder if maybe it was meant to make emergency phone calls all along.”

  1. Judas

Vine’s short format is conducive to solo performances, and inspires some really impressive dynamic range by a single person. With a flawless solo performance with distinct personalities, and the essential car-selfie framing that is a staple of iconic vines, this is a classic vine betrayal of biblical proportions, pun intended.

  1. mary is that a police

An answer to “Chris is that a weed”, this takes all the good of the first vine and makes it even better. I recommend it for 2am viewing after seeing Chris is that a weed several hours earlier. It’s an answer you’ll never know you needed until you’ve watched it.

  1. Lipstick, in my valentino white bag?!!??

Perhaps the most well known vine out there, this is a classic betrayal. All teens know the terror of accidentally destroying or vandalizing a treasured object belonging to a parent. In Ferris Bueller’s Day Off it’s Cameron’s dad’s car, in this vine it’s her mom’s  “Valentino white bag??!!??”.

  1. Croissant

Mak Fondren ‘19, says “I could’ve dropped my croissant is such a real feeling. I quote [it] daily.” And their sentiment isn’t isolated here at Whitney Young. I hear people quoting this in the halls all the time, when going up and down stairs, and it warms my heart. I’m glad that even as different as we are, we all come together over stupid 7 second clips.

  1. Adam!

The betrayal in this 7 seconds is Oscar worthy. The pain and hurt on our protagonists face is real in a way reality tv can never be. He’s almost a caricature of the modern teen, vaping and sad.

I hope these classic Vines cheered you up, and remember, test scores aren’t everything!


-Dearborn Plys