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On a very special episode of Enrique in the Halls on January 17, 2018 a very special guest graced the screen and added a much-needed pop of flare into the world of Enrique in the Halls. Special guest Enrique Fuentes ‘18, star of Club Talk, editor of both the print beacon and the online beacon, and all around great friend, starred alongside Enrique Eguiguren ‘18 on his own show. The special episode tackled an important question being asked around in the Whitney Young community for the last four years: Who is the better Enrique?

Enrique Fuentes started his Whitney Young Career in the Academic Center and is close to completing his sixth year at this glorious high school. Eguigeren arrived at Whitney Young his freshman year and since then, has made quite a name for himself at the school. These two young, Latino men quickly formed a friendship that has since lasted these four years. Upon first sight these two young men knew their friendship would push both of their limits.

January 24th, 2018 was an exciting day in the world of Enrique’s in which a special episode of DubTV was hosted by both Fuentes, and Eguiguren.  Whitney Young students are looking forward to more Enrique content. Joe Radinsky ‘19 said “I’m really looking forward to more stuff like this coming up. It’s hilarious watching their personalities clash.”

Before this episode of DubTV a poll went up on the Beacon Website prompting individuals to answer the pressing question of which Enrique is better? The poll came to a close at the end of January, finally answering this desire question. Throughout the duration of the poll, the votes were close, Fuentes never leading by more than about fifty votes. In the end it was a close race with 1,308 total votes. In a shocking result, Fuentes won by only fifty six votes, having a total of 682 while Eguigeren had a final total of 626.

Even though the polls may have answered the question of which Enrique is the best, there will still be plenty of both throughout the remainder of this season of DubTV.

Camille Argentar

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