Run Beyonce Her Emmys

Beyonce didn’t win any Emmys and we’re furious.

Joshua Bobbitt

Pete Sekesan
Queen Bey during her Super Bowl XLVII halftime show.

The 71st Emmy Awards has started off the award season and this year a certain icon was creating a lot of buzz. Beyonce Knowles-Carter (aka Queen Bey) had been nominated for six Emmy Award nominations for her film, Homecoming, which depicted her 2018 Coachella performance and the steps she took to prepare for it. The concert film was a tribute to historically Black colleges and universities and Black culture.

Fans across the nation waited in anticipation, hoping that Beyonce would get the acknowledgement many people feel she deserves. However, the movie disappointingly did not win a single award. People were outraged, saying that the cards were never in Bey’s favor. Emma Lynch, ‘21, stated, “It’s really sad that Beyonce didn’t win any Emmys. I think it was an amazing production. I mean , anything she does is perfection.” 

Many were angry that the nominees that won over Homecoming were shows that lacking in comparison.“Bey not winning a single Emmy just shows Black people can work eighty times harder and still lose to white mediocrity,” expressed Laila Latta, ‘20. An example of white mediocrity is Carpool Karaoke with James Corden that won Outstanding Variety Special. Laila further stated, “It’s a big slap to her hardworking editors, dancers, musicians, camera crew, and creative directors.”

Although Beyonce was fruitless, she announced the same night that her new film, Making the Gift, a documentary about her album “The Gift,” inspired by The Lion King, will premiere that subsequent Monday. When asked about the movie, David Bradford, ‘19, responded, “Even though she lost, I’m still excited to see Making the Gift.” Beyonce took her loss and still flipped her bag. As she should.